Information about the game

Kelepce - Az ébredés! | Szabadulós játék Budapest belvárosában

What does Kelepce offer for you?

An unforgettable experience is waiting for you at Kelepce. You will be amazed from the very beginning of the game. Get to know the characters of the story, discover the reason why you were kidnapped, take the advantages of your captors' mistakes!

Special experience is guaranteed

  • You could take part in a realistic story, which you can put yourself in, moreover, if you don't do so, you all may get stuck in.
  • You are on your own, we don't interrupt your game and you cannot say anything to us either.
  • You will find yourself in a totally realistic situation, the puzzles are also realistic, so there aren't such tools in the game that don't fit in the story. You can escape only by relying on your skillfulness and logical thinking, using as many ways of escaping as your creativity and the possibilities let you do so.

Playing the Game

You must spare one and a half hour on the special experience of Kelepce, but it will turn out during the game, how long the escape actually takes for You. Although the duration of the game is not fixed, don't worry, you won't have to sleep here :)

After you arrive, the game-master will summarize all the important things you must pay attention to, in order to have better chance to become one of the best teams. Then the game-master takes you to the game area one by one. After you all are in, the door will be closed and the fantastic amusement in an another world, where You are in the leading roles, will begin.

If you cannot escape in time, the game-master let you out. But you needn't be disappointed, you have chance to play the game again, with discounts, of course.


We wait for you at the address of Aradi str. 59, district VI., Budapest. (Aradi street is parallel with Andrássy road, Kelepce is on halfway between Kodály Körönd and Bajza str.) In the near of Kelepce, you can often find parking place, but, unfortunately, there is parking fee at weekdays. If you come by publict transport, you can choose from a lot of facilities (more information at Contact).


Go to the page of Reservation and choose date and give some data about you, then the only thing You have to do is to come to play! Please, arrive with 5 minutes before the start. If you arrive too early, you may wait for a long time, because the game master must tidy the game area after the previous team. If you are late, we cannot provide that you'll have as long time to escape as nrmally, because the following team also would like to start their game in time. PLEASE, CALL US, IF YOU ARE LATE OR CANNOT COME TO PLAY.


We can receive 2-6-member teams (members under the age of 16 only with adult accompanying). Kelepce is a perfect program for teambuilding, for bachelor party/ladies night, for birthdays/anniversaries as a gift, or just for doing something special with your friends or family.


Price of the game depends on the number of members. Further information on the page of PriceIn Kelepce you can pay with HUF and EUR, we cannot accept credit card.